With only a week left until the release it’s time for me to tell you “See you at the Terminum” (hey, guys, stress on the first syllable). The first issue of our diaries was published on December 22, 2016, and now you read the last one. I’ll also write postmortem, but it seems to me that the format of the statement will be stating the facts and full of bragging or tears.

All this time I tried to talk about everything as it is – without special embellishments, lies, exaggerations and marketing nonsense, which is often freely or not freely added to their own diaries by different teams. In this issue, we will get acquainted once again and I will tell about all who somehow worked a lot on the game. I’ll tell you how things are with the console and mobile versions of the game and I will tell you about the terrible dispute between me and our publishing director.

Our plans

Right now we are starting to prepare for porting the game on the consoles (Xbox, PS4, Switch) – we signed an agreement with the publisher “Buka” and they will be porting and publishing the game in retail. As we have promised to you during the Kickstarter campaign the game on the consoles will be released 2-4 months after the PC version. Forgive us for not managing to make the controller support on the PC right at the start – we will add this feature to the PC version of the game together with porting on the console. I really want us to translate the game into as many languages as possible. Now we have Russian, English, German, Italian, Chinese, Ukrainian. Soon we will finish with Polish, French, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

When we’re done with consoles, we’ll start working on mobile devices (Android, iOS). It will be at the very end of the year or early in 2019. Maybe I’ll try to check on how difficult it is to build a game on Ps Vita – perhaps it’s not as difficult as it seems?

The last “hello”!

Feel free to skip this, if you do not care who made this game – here will be our funny faces mostly . Yes, it took me only a year to manage to get my colleagues to be generous enough to say a couple of words about what they think about working on the game.


The plot of the game is completely ready. We are still plishing it and will be doing this until the last day before the release. We have not finished a lot in the multiplayer – we will do it in the first updates immediately after the release. This includes your rewards from the Kickstarter campaign – the keys to the chests and units. We are still writing the distribution system for you and will do it all by the end of April.

Guys, I’m very glad that many of you supported us this year and a half. With his comments, ideas, wishes and constructive criticism. I hope that we will not fail you!

By konstantin.korneyev
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  • Imkariel

    is look like a banner saga game ….

    • Bisty

      And Banner Saga looks like Eyvind Earle art works. imho – It’s ok when two different things is a similar. Much more important is details. For example – Warhammer 40k and StarCraft both with “space marines”, but anyway these games are very different. Don’t you think?

      • Imkariel

        LOL …. Same village same ambiance … StarCraft and w40k WE are 2 unit who have small very small ( same name but thé semblance stop ) semblance each other …. Ash of god are a russian copy of baner saga ….

        • Bisty

          Same village? What are you talking about? Can you share screenshot?

          About SC2 and WH40k – this is your opinion, many peoples won’t agree with you.

  • Aleonymous

    Thanks for the dev diary entry! Hope you have time to update this as you go. Being 4-5 weeks behind schedule is nothing! Hope your “lag” stays like this throughout the whole project. In my opinion: take your time, don’t rush or clip content; assuming that you can afford it, of course…

    • Konstantin Korneev

      Thank you, we plan to post these regularly.
      Hopefully we will find a way to catch up on these 4-5 weeks – we would still prefer to be on schedule 🙂
      And either way – we will make sure the final version has everything that we think should be in it and is a great game before releasing it.

  • VisCouTT

    Looks great. Keep calm and do Your best – we ARE waiting! 🙂

    • Konstantin Korneev

      We will, thank you 🙂

  • George M.

    I mean come on, It’s not a new approach. I like the game a lot but don’t lie, it’s very similar to Banner Saga. Nothing wrong with similarities, I love Banner Saga and want to see more games like it but this is not a new approach

    • Konstantin Korneev

      This article covers specifically our approach to developing the ruleset for the combat system: it describes how we wanted to create something that respects tactical RPG traditions but still breaks the rules and has some unique mechanics to it. This is what we’re speaking about when we talk of a “new approach”,

  • Carlos Irala

    Come on, go on, do it bigger. This is an amazing project. I hope it would be a great game!

    • Konstantin Korneev

      Awesome, thank you.

  • Роман Ривенсинг

    Да, действительно будет интересно посмотреть на остальные карты. По поводу лора: выходит, что власть северным народам вернулась восвояси, а религия менгиров стала менее актуально и, получается, вернулась старая или люди придумали новую веру?

    • Nikolay Bondarenko

      После катастрофы, постигшей Терминум, наряду с развившимися языческими верованиями, воцарившимися на части его территории, появились два Храма. На севере им стал Храм Гнева Богов – с жертвоприношениями, инквизицией, жесткой иерархией, который подчинил постепенно себе местные королевства. На юге – Храм Кары Богов, который сросся с местной знатью, но оказывает влияние на властителей более сдержанно и, может быть, более удачно. Оба эти Храма исповедую одну и ту же религию – поклонение святым-магическим камням, обладающим даром исцеления, и так называемым – неизвестным богам. Оба эти Храма грозят своей пастве концом сущего и воздаянием за грехи и ересь, подтверждением чему служат случающиеся в Терминуме жатвы. В клире обоих храмов присутствуют странные сущности, которые незримо правят всем происходящим в Терминуме.

  • Genos Studios

    Hello Konstantin. I’ve replied to your post here:


    Good luck with your project.

    • Konstantin Korneev

      Thank you, man, I guess I will try to answer you there.

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  • Tingelbub

    I believe there is a banner saga easter egg in the game, where you meet two strangers, “John” and “Arnie” in the wastelands. One of them states that they used to follow the banner of a leader equipped bow and axe (probably Rook). Furthermore John noted that there was a long adventure and something about “three times”. I believe this is a reference to the triology of banner saga

  • Tingelbub

    Oh and Thorn does look like Rook.