With the help of this card you can increase the health of any ally at the very beginning of the battle, such as enhancing the Archer to prepare a powerful shot for the next move, helping the Guardian who needs to increase his attack, or enhancing the Fighter who is eager to come to the front. You can bluff, pretending that these characters are your only strategy on the battle field, and you have nothing more valuable than them. Or you can postpone usage of this card to the later phases of the battle, to confound your opponents’ intentions by unexpected increasing your health. You decide.


The hit allows you to cause damage to any opponent’s character, regardless of his current level of defense or the use of any defensive abilities. Sometimes it’s better to hold this card back because it can save you from defeat in combat against an enhanced Guardian or Templar. It can also help to finish off an opponent’s Archer who is standing too far for a physical attack, or weaken the Assassin who is preparing a powerful strike.

The Pyre

This card allows you to cause minor damage to all your opponent’s characters. The current level of their defense or any defensive abilities won’t defend them at this moment. However, this card has one disadvantage: all the members of your team will pay for it with a small amount of energy. This card is a perfect fit for the battle ending when there are many wounded enemies on the field – or if your opponent prefers to use classes whose abilities are directly dependent on their health index.

The Victim

You sacrifice an enormous amount of health of a random member of your team. All surviving participants will receive a large boost to their attack. The usage of the card can dramatically change the picture of the battlefield. So, a Guardian will receive a definite advantage because no one will be able to break his defense, while the Assassin will take away more health with his attacks than anyone is able to take from him. Are you ready for the sacrifice?

Vampirism of Energy

The spontaneous card, around which you can build all of your tactics. It takes away a very large amount of energy from a random member of the enemy and gives the same amount of health to one of your characters. Such a move can be the last for any of your opponent’s characters while it will be a source of salvation for a deadly wounded ally. Are you ready to place your hopes on fortune?