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Use of the site

Use of this site is regulated by the following terms and conditions. By visiting the site and watching its materials, you’re accepting, without any limitations or qualification, this terms of use, as well as accepting the fact that any other agreements between you and Aurum Dust LLC are canceled and have no legal force anymore.

  1. Content placed on the site can include, without limitation, the software, images, fictional or non-fictional texts, music,video, photos (hereinafter all together or in parts – “Content”), logos, including the logo of Aurum Dust LLC, logo of Ash of Gods and other audio-visual content, including design and overall appearance of the site. Exclusive rights on all the Content placed on this site are belong to the company Aurum Dust LLC. None of Content from the site cannot be copied, reproduced, re-released, downloaded, published, conveyed or disseminated by any other way except the fact that you can download one copy of Content to your computer for personal, non-commercial use, with a condition that you will save all the copyrights and other notifications about proprietary rights. Modification, decompilation, disassembly, reverse engineering or any other use of the Content with any other purposes are deemed as violation of copyright and other rights of Aurum Dust LLC. You’re not allowed to disseminate, change, convey or use Content placed on the site for any public or commercial purposes without the written permission from Aurum Dust LLC.
  2. None of paragraphs or rules contained in this Agreement or on the site in general can not be interpreted, directly or indirectly, as a license or the right to use Content as well as any trademark or other data (including confidential information) without written permission from Aurum Dust LLC represented by its authorized representative. All the names, trademarks, images, classifications, descriptions, biographical data of people and creatures which are described on this site are the property of Aurum Dust LLC. Any unsanctioned usage of this Content can break copyright, trademarks and other rights of Aurum Dust LLC and/or third parties, as well as privacy laws, personal information laws and/or other regulations.
  3. If you’re posting any Сontent or comments in public zone of the site, thus you give to us and our partners the licence right to copy, demonstrate, perform, disseminate, modify, adapt, reduce, exploit and promote this content in any view or form via any commercial or non-commercial platforms and services, without any payment and for an indefinite term.
  4. You shouldn’t use any kinds of automatization while using this site, would it be the software, including any types of “spiders” or “bots”, or other software intended for automatic download or analysis of the site’s pages.
  5. This site is not directed to children under 13. Children under 13 aren’t allowed to use the site even if their parents or legal guardians are accepting this Agreement. If we will learn that we have got personal information from a child under age 13 without verification of parental consent, we will delete that information as quickly as possible. Children in age from 13 up to 18 can use this site with parental permission under control of their parents or legal guardians. In this case parents or legal guardians are totally responsible for his/her use of the site, including all financial expenses and legal risks that it may cause.
  6. You’re agree to not to post on the site any content that violates anyone else’s copyright or any other rights. We don’t welcome the content which violates somebody’s copyright or other rights of intellectual property and, in accordance with the applicable rules, such content could be removed. If you suppose that your content is placed on this site with copyright violation, please, inform us about it via e-mail content@aurumdust.com.
  7. By posting any Content or comments you automatically accept and agree with the rules of communication and rules of user content posting which are described in this document.
  8. You are agree to use the site in accordance with current legislation and only with legitimate purposes.
  9. Content which is placed on this site is appropriate and affordable in the USA. If you use this site, being situated beyond USA, it means that you’re doing it by your own will and you’re totally responsible for compliance with local laws and regulations.
  10. We reserve the right to remove any content from this site, for any reason and in any time.


Rules of communication

You can comment the news and communicate with other users of this site. In order not to break the rules of communication please be in compliance with the following:

  • You must comply with legal, moral and ethical standards. You shouldn’t offend other users or make remarks which can humiliate the honor and dignity of other users or harm someone’s goodwill and business reputation. You shouldn’t use obscene language.
  • We do not allow you on our website to call for violence, violation of the law, as well as for any illegal or antisocial acts. Propaganda of extremism or supremacy of the man’s supremacy on the grounds of the race, gender, nation, religion, language, certain social class or social group, is also prohibited here.
  • You shouldn’t disclose names, addresses and other personal information of any third persons without the written permission of these persons.
  • We’re opposing all forms of advertising: any goods or services, their producers or sellers, means of individualization, events, and other subjects of advertisement, as well as political advertisement, including pre-election agitation.
  • We prohibit the flood (spreading of incoherent or irrelevant text), spam (sending messages to uncertain group of persons without prior consent of the recipients), and double posting (posting of several equal messages within the short period of time).
  • You’re not allowed to upload files, containing viruses, spyware or any other software which causes or may cause to PC damage, harm, disrupt or interrupt the operation of the site or our services.
  • It is prohibited to agitate by any means against use of this website among real or potential users. You’re not allowed to discuss the actions of Aurum Dust LLC with any other ways beyond standards and forms of discussion expressly provided by this rules, by rules of content use or by privacy policy.


Limitations of liability

Story of the game, storyline texts, characters and their descriptions and biographies which are placed on the site, being intellectual property of AurumDust LLC, are fictional. No direct or indirect identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, trademarks, books and any other products is intended or should be inferred.

Aurum Dust LLC and/or third parties involved in creation, update and maintaining the site are not responsible in any cases for any direct, indirect or punitive financial damages emerged as a result of your access to this site or usage of it and/or as result of work of our software. All content on the site is provided “as is”, without any direct or prospective, guarantees, including but not limited to, usage in direct or indirect designation, warranties for purchase and sale or warranties for some or other certain goal.

We do not guarantee trouble-free operation of the site and/or software. AurumDust LLC is not responsible for any mistakes in content of the site or the software. We don’t guarantee that content which is provided on this site don’t contain mistakes or couldn’t be infected with viruses or other harmful components. We are ready to do our best to rid such problems with the site or our software. You assume all the risks and responsibility for the use of this site and software as well as cost of all necessary repairs for fixing any unexpected consequences.

In the case of breaking these or other rules and policies, which are published on this website, or for some other reasons, your access to site can be restricted. AurumDust LLC disclaims any liability arising out of or concerned to such restriction. AurumDust LLC is not obligated to inform you about such restriction or explain the reasons of any of them.

These rules apply to different countries and jurisdictions. Thus, some jurisdictions may to not allow exception of such guarantees. In this case some of aforementioned exceptions may be not applied to you.


Settlement of disputes

In any controversial circumstances we will try to find a decision via peace negotiations. If we will not manage to do it, we will be forced to refer the dispute to the jurisdiction of competent state authority by our place of registration. All claims and disputes should be resolved and discussed individually. You agree that by accepting these conditions, you waived the right to trial by jury or to participate in a collective lawsuit.


Updates of terms of use

AurumDust team has the right in its sole discretion to modify or update this Terms of use from time to time, that’s why you should periodically observe this page. When we change the Terms, we will update the ‘last modified’ date at the bottom of this page. Your continued usage of the site after the posting of any changes to these Terms means your acceptance of such changes.


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