Ash of Gods is a video game that we develop: a visual novel and tactical turn-based RPG with elements of a card game. It is based on a novel which is now in the process of its writing, specially for our game, by the writer Sergey Malitsky. The first part of the game is named Redemption because we think that this word perfectly fits to describe the things which are happening in first part of the trilogy.

First and foremost we work on PC version of the game (Windows, Mac, Linux). But we’re also plan to release it via other platforms: mobile platforms operated by iOS and Android, and game consoles Sony Playstation and Microsoft XBox.

We are planning to release the game in the fourth quarter of the year 2017. Most likely – in the beginning of November, but it isn’t yet an “official release date”. We’re also planning to release the multiplayer part of the project via Steam early access a little earlier: in the beginning of 2017’s summer.

We’re happy just of your attention, but if you will tell your friends about us, it will be just great. We have the plans to start Kickstarter campaign in the Spring of 2017, and when it will happen, we will inform the world about it via all the possible ways. In general, we permanently need help in texts proofreading, testing the novel part of our game and translation of our site’s content to different languages. We will be absolutely happy if you will check out our prototype which is available here and then tell us, is there anything that we could do better. We appreciate any comments about balance, as well as your feelings about it, and any remarks and offerings that you can come up with.

No, with exception of the fact that this game was for us one of inspiration sources and a kind of “kick to the ass”. Moreover, we respect the Stoic guys very much.

Yes. The multiplayer mode is very important part of our game. We’re planning to release the multiplayer part in Steam early access in Spring of 2017, to fix the balance and to have the time to correct anything else till the single-player version’s release in the Fall. You can try out the web part on our site, it’s available here. This is the raw web prototype which allows to check out and rate the battle mechanics.

Mostly we are natives of Russia. Our composer is from Poland while our helpers are from all over the world. You can learn more about our team here.

We hope that our game will become popular and we’ll manage to find money and time to make the tabletop version.

We already have a composer. Music for Ash of Gods is in production by Adam Skorupa, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz and Michał Cielecki (authors of music to such projects as Max Pain, Painkiller, The Witcher, EVE Online and Shadow Warrior 2). We are proud that Adam and his team agreed to work with a small indie studio. However, if you’re a sound engineer – contact us, we need you very much. If you’re a composer and our story inspired you – we will gladly tell about it via our web resources, and will try to come up with how we can use your music.

The game’s world is created by professional fiction writer specially for the game. It mostly based on European medieval culture, as well as on Chinese, Japanese and Arabic medieval cultures. After the game’s release we plan to release also a book of the same name. You can observe the story in selected chapters in Story section of the website.

Yes, we do. We would be glad if you’ll be able to help us to translate the content of our website and the story into English, Polish, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese languages. If you can translate our site into Latin – it will be great. However we still don’t know, whether we will have enough strength, money and time for voicing the game. Anyway, if you have a cool voice that would fit the author’s text – we’ll manage to provide you with some fee.

If we notice that people are interested in it – why not?

Our small physical office is located in Moscow, Russian Federation.

There are no any fantastic monsters in the world of Ash of Gods. From time to time, along with Ensa, some amount of Bestia (the beasts of Ensa dimension) is coming to this world, but you will not meet them in the first part of the game.

Yes, but in very limited quantity and it’s not spreaded worldwide (the low magic). In general our world contains technologies and features in range from XIII to XVIII centuries.

No, we have neither elves nor dwarves. This is the dark fantasy world, inhabited by humans of different races and ethnicities. During the story you will meet some creatures from another world – Ensa, who are, however, quite similar to humans.