Let’s get acquainted! It won’t take long, because the team behind Ash of Gods is very small. And even these few people see each other quite rarely because their work is mostly remote. But we’re tightly cemented by the common business which gives us a pleasing sense of solidarity and communion. Also, we share a common love for video games and wish to make the world a better place. Yes, it’s a cliché – but we really think that good games make the surrounding reality a little bit more of a pleasant place. Just like good movies, books, music, comics, art, graffiti, and other kinds of art are doing it. Most of us have known each other for long but we’ve all come together just so we can work on Ash of Gods.

Nikolay Bondarenko
Nikolay BondarenkoThe main dude
Throughout his career Nikolay has been either a developer of games (such as the quests built by his first company Streko-Graphics) or as the head of development (e.g. TvxGames with games for social networks). For the last 6 years he has been the head of the development department in one of the leading game publishing companies – GameNet. Now he is the main ideologist of the Ash of Gods project. He’s able to do several things simultaneously: generate ideas, manage the project and persuade people. He can be bad-tempered. Bearded.
Dmitry Erokhin
Dmitry ErokhinGame designer
He is an economist but it doesn’t matter. The main thing is the fact that he is huge fan of games. He plays everything: wargames,tabletop role-playing games, live action role-playing games and, of course, video games. Since his school days Dmitry dreamed to work in the video game industry and finally managed to do it. He worked in such companies as Nival, TvxGames, GameNet and others. Now he works on all aspects of Ash of Gods, because he likes the idea. He is boring and pessimistic but humorous. He can be bad-tempered. Bearded.
Sergey Malitsky
Sergey MalitskyKeeper of the world
He has changed occupation many times, from cop to party functionary to editor of cable TV to the head of a rock music club. Now he is a leading popular writer with many published books. Thank to these books he was chosen as the script author. In Ash of Gods project Sergey creates and develops the story, setting and all the things which concern this. He joined the project because he saw a great opportunity to do what he loves to do. Moreover, the idea seemed really catchy to him. He has an irrepressible imagination, which sometimes goes beyond limits. Good-natured.
Andrey Zherdev
Andrey ZherdevEnvironment artist
He is a professional manager but it doesn’t matter. Anyway, during his time in university, he mainly pumped the characters in MMORPGs. He began his gamedev career with a browser game about girls and pink ponies, and surprisingly liked it. Since then Andrey has worked in several companies, including Drimmi, Game Insight, Red Machine, Playrix, doing everything, from drawing buttons to being art director. He didn’t even notice how he became a member of the Ash of Gods team. Andrey loves soft and cuddly things. Very calm-tempered. Bearded.
Julia Jokhova
Julia JokhovaEnvironment artist
She studied artistic metalcraft but went on to work as a 2D artist. Julia started her career in Solar-games studio where she, aside from game art, has drawn tons of icons, interfaces and model textures. She came to the Ash of Gods project because of her wish to take part in the creation of a game with an interesting storyline and atmosphere. She loves all things things, that’s why she became a cosplayer. Has an enthusiastic temper.
Alexander Bogomolets
Alexander BogomoletsDeveloper
A professional engineer, whatever that means. He began his gamedev career with mobile games development in the IT Art Team and continued in Supersila Games. Currently he’s writing the code for Ash of Gods, because the game has a plot, unlike the countless free-to-play projects which he’s bored of. Alexander is resilient, easy to communicate with and is able to discuss a task until he reaches a full epiphany. Which sometimes takes quite a while. He has a friendly temper. Bearded.
Igor Podmogilnikov
Igor PodmogilnikovCharacter artist
He studied artistic woodwork but became an interior designer, then went into the advertising business and became interested in flash animations and ultimately now he’s a game artist. He worked in such companies as Streko-Graphics, Vogster, TvxGames, Astrum, Mail.ru and Game Insight. It is unknown whether this man will ever stop. For now he is the one who isresponsible for Ash of Gods’ visual side. He decided to do it because he thinks that classic 2D graphics are very cool. Igor prefer to do things as spectacularly as possible, sometimes at the expense of realism. Has an easy temper.
Vlad Samoylikov
Vlad SamoylikovCharacter artist
He has a degree in architecture, but instead of buildings design he wanted to draw pictures for games and immediately began to do it. He didn’t settle in any particular studio, preferring to draw concept art and characters as a freelancer. After 4 years of such activity he joined the Ash of Gods team, because he loves carefully designed characters and worlds. Vlad is obsessed with details. Has an independent temper.
Ivan Mahazinnikov
Ivan MahazinnikovGame Designer
Game designer since 2004, started his career in Katauri Interactive. Had a hand in Space Rangers 2, King’s Bounty, Royal Quest and a dozen other smaller projects. The last few years he was a freelancer and now works for Ash of Gods. He loves to play (and also create) tactical and role playing games. Also, he tried his hand as a science fiction writer and can be proud of three published books and more than twenty stories. An optimist, has a positive outlook.
Lucas Venter
Lucas VenterTranslator
Born in South Africa, as a child he dreamed of becoming a programmer. Through the vagaries of fate, he became so enchanted by Russia that he got a degree in Russian studies and left for Moscow to work as a translator. A few years later, tired of translating contracts and instructions, he returned to South Africa, where he made himself a career in cybersecurity. He adores literary translation and leapt at the opportunity to translate Ash of Gods. Loves enormous fantasy books and computer games. Has a wistful temper.
Yuri Antonov
Yuri AntonovAnimator
Wrote his first guide for the SEGA game Syndicate in a school text book, asked his mom to type it out, stuck some pictures onto it, and went on to sell photocopies of the book. Ever since he dreamt of making games. Before he could join the Ash of Gods team, he had to pick up a lot of diverse experience. He worked as a graphic designer, HTML coder, Flash animator, layout artist, tutor, photojournalist and motion designer. He is responsible for 2D animation in the project. Bearded.

We want to thank

Different people have helped us to develop the combat system of Ash of Gods. They liked the idea and they wanted to support us. We would like to mention each of them to let the world know who’s responsible for the fact that the battles in our game are really interesting.