Chapter 2: Wodan

Protected by fortified walls and barren mountainous land, the border town of Wodan spent most of its time in a slumber from which it only awoke for war or the arrival of the equinox. The Frisians loved their festivals, stringing together commemorative dates one after …

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Chapter 1: Albius

Whenever spring was a month old, it even began to feel like spring in the foothills. At times the cold wind would be heavy with sleet, but not for long. The sun gradually began to peer from behind the clouds, each day bringing a bit …

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Prologue: The Vale of Mercy

There it lay, right at his feet: the Vale of Mercy. Two hundred leagues wide from the foot of the Milky Mountains to the Peaks of Gellia. Now that the long climb was over, he could finally make out the jagged ranges lining …

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