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Developer diary #3
We can characterize the past month as a month of difficult UI solutions. We began preparations for our Kickstarter campaign, worked very hard on different UX scenarios, made a flop of our first bash at the multiplayer option, and developed the first draft of the AI, a lot of story tools and other things related to the animation, FX and cinematics. Also, we finished the first draft of the balancing of one of the key mechanics of the game, namely the world map.


people say about us
  • "Lavish-looking Banner Saga-like"
    RPG Codex
  • "Very beautiful game from what i see. Keep up the good work!"
    Arnie Jorgensen, Stoic (The Banner Saga)
  • "Ash of Gods looks like a fascinating RPG with first-class storytelling, refined moral choices and captivating hand-drawn visuals. Can't wait to play it."
    Andrej Vojtas, Poetic Studio (Sacred Fire)